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The Curse of Spammers

Tincknell & Tincknell are NOT spammers or mass emailers.

Email spam is a curse.Tincknell & Tincknell have been on the internet since 1997 (when we were founded), and our domain names, and, have been online and public for over 15 years. Our domain name was among the first million websites ever. Sadly, this means spammers are well aware of our domain names and email addresses, and they have no shame or honor. Our domain names and email addresses have been forged by spammers over the years, and are used without our consent, permission, or approval. What they are doing is wrong, and we do NOT condone it.

The unsolicited commercial bulk email (more commonly known as "spam") you received uses our email address falsely. Spammers use false or forged email addresses to prevent angered recipients from finding or contacting them.

Tincknell & Tincknell do not send out any email except that which is directly related to our business as defined in this website. All of our email is to our clients, interested prospects that have contacted us, for projects on behalf of clients, or individuals seeking information from us.

We do promote the use of email as a viable marketing tool, but we promote it with a set of rules and guidelines designed to help eliminate unwanted email and spam:

Tincknell & Tincknell abhor spam - we receive a couple hundred spam emails daily. Like you, we are also receiving the spam that uses our email addresses and domain names! We regret any inconvenience these thieves have caused, and thoroughly sympathize with your anger and frustration at the situation.

The safest way to handle spam is:

The true senders of spam are often difficult to ascertain. To start, you must look at the spam's email header information. Reading the email header information is somewhat difficult due to the arcane language of the internet contained in it. If you wish to decipher the email header information, learn more about spam, or take action against the true perpetrators of the spam, please visit:

To make the internet a safer, more fun place, practice these good-email tips:

Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience, and appreciate any patience or courtesy you can extend to us. Tincknell & Tincknell is a small business, and we too are fighting to protect our identity on the internet.